We believe Africa's culture and stories are its most valuable assets.

We believe having new African perspectives in the mainstream will change the continent's image for the better. But this can only happen if Africa's culture, stories, and ideas can be brought to life for both African and global audiences.

We're on a mission to build a new mainstream audience shaped by Africa's culture, stories and emerging brands.

We're a digital media company bringing Africa's culture & stories to life. We are building a platform that curates the best content across Music, Fashion, Entertainment and deliver it straight to your inbox in the form of bite-size guides. We keep you on the pulse and connected to culture like never before so you’ll never miss the latest gist.

We are making the best content easily accessible to both African and mainstream audiences by curating content from the most notable sources such as publications, websites, social media platforms and accounts etc. The guides are created around the most remarkable People, Places and Things within African culture. The guides are written and presented in a manner that is easy to digest, informative and entertaining.

We exist to

  1. Be the catalyst of a culture collaboration between Africa and Western culture.
  2. Educate and entertain a growing audience inspired by African culture, content and its creators.
  3. Curate and create exceptional content that advances the influence of African culture around the world.
Unity, not uniformity. Never stop exploring. Experience is everything