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Credit: Ebru Yildiz

⏳ Trivia Time

For her visual album "Black Is King," which African artist did Beyoncé collaborate with for the song "Already"?

A) Wizkid
B) Burna Boy
C) Shatta Wale

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

🧭 A Marmalade Guide To...

Warsan Shire. Photo Credit: Amaal Said

Modern African Poets

Poetry, with its ability to weave emotions, experiences, and cultural nuances into words, serves as a powerful medium for storytelling and expression. Across Africa, a multitude of poets have emerged, each bringing their unique perspectives and voices to the world stage. In recent years, several African poets have gained international recognition for their compelling work, resonating with audiences far beyond their borders. Let's explore some of these notable figures who have captivated hearts and minds with their evocative verses.

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📰 Reading: A newsletter by Tech Safari that explores how the Nigeria's film scene is blowing up.

📺 Watching: CNN's Anna Stewart sit down with the founder of Industrie Africa, Nisha Kanabar, to talk about how the combination of e-commerce and a growing global interest in African fashion is paying off for homegrown designers.

🎧 Listening to: Simi again but this time, it's her new single 'Men are crazy' featuring Tiwa Savage.

🎟️ Booking: Contemporary African Art Exhibition. This Thursday, ​London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio invites you to the Private View of their April exhibition.

👀 Eyeing: YÓMEE, a lifestyle brand telling untold stories of courage and heritage through timeless and unique menswear rooted in simplicity and style.

Image Courtesy of YÓMEE

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C) Shatta Wale
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