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Now, on to the real peel...

Credit: @majimb.o / Instagram

⏳ Trivia Time

Which Davido song became a massive hit in 2017, winning the Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards and the Best Worldwide Act at the MTV EMA?

B) Fall
C) If

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

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📰 Reading: VICE's article on The True Story Behind Ghana’s Viral Coffin Dancers. In 2020, VICE met with Benjamin Aidoo, who started the Nana Otafrija Pallbearing and Waiting Service in 2003, to learn the history of the coffin dance and why it caught on so hard when it did.

📺 Watching: Popular Nigerian Skit maker Layi Wasabi talking to 90s Baby Show about his journey from content creation to stand-up comedy, hilarious school memories and the wild world of Nigerian boarding schools.

Credit: @layiwasabi / Instagram

🎧 Listening to: Amaare's latest single, sweeeet on Spotify. She drops this single along with other new songs as part of “Fountain Baby” Extended Play with features from 6lack & Naomi Sharon.

🎟️ Booking: Tickets to Kwanda Party supported by Marmalade and New Comma. Join us for an unforgettable evening of culture, connection, food, music, discussion and celebration as we introduce Kwanda's inaugural event.

👀 Eyeing: Jacquard Mende and Temne Mask Set and the Frayed Striped Safari Shirt by Labrum London - the British African heritage brand telling the untold story of West Africa to help bridge the gap between western and West African cultures.

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Trivia Answer: C) If
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