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⏳ Trivia Time

Which African country is hosting the 2024 AFCON?

A) Egypt
B) Morocco
C) Ivory Coast

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

🧭 A Marmalade Guide To...

Image Courtesy of Travel Counsellors

Where to go in 2024: The Best Places to Visit in Africa

From the historical wonders of Egypt to the untamed wilderness of Tanzania, this year promises an unparalleled African adventure. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel trends keep evolving, and Africa is a continent with diverse landscapes, cultures, and experiences. In 2024, adventure-seekers and culture enthusiasts are turning their gaze towards captivating destinations in Africa. From the vibrant markets of Egypt to the pristine beaches of Seychelles, here's a guide to the best places to visit in Africa.

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What We're...

📰 Reading: Lerato's Africana Cookbook. Discover iconic dishes from Nigeria to Madagascar, Morocco to South Africa. Including 40+ recipes for African vegan meals #Veganuary

📺 Watching: AFCON Highlights on YouTube. Packed with exclusive content, highlights, and behind-the-scenes access to Africa's premier football events.

🎧 Listening to: AFCON Mix on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Larizzle goes in with a special mix representing all 24 countries competing at the Africa Cup of Nations.

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👀 Eyeing: Patrick Mavros' Pieces for Valentine's Day. The luxury jewelry label's Zimbabwean-based headquarters embodies a commitment to nature and family, with artisans expertly marrying traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

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The answer is C) Ivory Coast. Learn more
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