​Welcome to Ivory House. London's newest exclusive private members’ club nestled in the vibrant enclave of Barons Court. We've reimagined what a private members' club can be for the dynamic, culturally-attuned socialite of the 21st century who craves intimate connections, personalised experience and privacy.

Where Style Meets Function

From the moment you enter, the plush furniture and modern marble finishes promise a haven of sophistication. Ivory House is more than a place—it's a sensory experience where the finest cocktails are crafted not from a menu, but from your imagination. 

Not Your Average Community

Forget the stuffy, traditional members' clubs. Ivory House is a vibrant hub for ambitious founders, professionals, and creatives who thrive on connection to their African heritage and seek a refuge from the city's frenzy. It's a place where deals are struck by the warmth of a fire and friendships are forged into the late hours of the night.

The Tower: Your Discreet Retreat

For moments needing privacy or a quiet escape, The Tower awaits. Hidden within the main house, this secluded space offers you tranquillity away from the buzz of the club's social areas—perfect for those who value discretion and exclusivity.

Join Our Mission

Ivory House isn't just about luxury; it's a mission to protect and preserve community—tackling one of the greatest problems in modern-day society: loneliness. We're crafting not only a space but a sanctuary where you can find a sense of belonging.

Become Part of Ivory House

We're looking for members who share our vision of community and sophistication. If Ivory House resonates with you, we invite you to express your interest in becoming a member of this unique community. Get in touch today and take the first step towards belonging to something extraordinary. 

Join the Ivory Community

If you would like to express interest in applying for membership at Ivory House please follow the link below to get in touch.