OBI's House is a cultural movement combining music, fashion, and dance, partnering with Platoon. OBI’s House attracts music lovers and artists to Hard Rock Cafe, Lagos for an every Monday night party, showcasing emerging African talents thereby influencing mainstream culture. Watch artists like Ladipoe, Niniola, and Khaid and witness the profound impact of African sounds and talent in mainstream culture.


OBI's House is a dynamic movement that started during the pandemic, celebrating African music, fashion, and dance, driven by creativity and cultural exploration. DJ Obi is known for breaking the world record for the longest DJ set in 2016. Through a partnership between Platoon and OBI's House, the brand aims to amplify the voices of rising African stars while redefining mainstream culture boundaries.

On June 19, 2023, OBI's House hosted a mesmerising event, showcasing the energy and talent of emerging African talent. This guide in collaboration with Platoon, delves into the allure of OBI's House, sharing with you the captivating pictures, video excerpts, and talented artists that define this cultural powerhouse.

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