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Toke Makinwa. Source: Instagram

⏳ Trivia Time

What traditional Ghanaian dish is made with fermented corn and cassava dough, steamed in banana leaves, and commonly served with spicy pepper sauce, fish, or meat?

A) Jollof Rice
B) Banku
C) Kenkey

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

🧭 A Marmalade Guide To...

Wizkid. Photo: Rob Rosling

Wizkid: The Story Behind A Starboy

From Lagos street hustler to Grammy-winning superstar rocking stages with Beyonce – Wizkid's story is Afrobeats royalty forged in the fires of ambition. Ditch the private jets and sold-out stadiums for a sec, because this journey starts with a pair of cheap headphones and a dream as loud as the Lagos traffic. ed as a platform to spotlight the remarkable female talents driving the Afropop scene forward.

What We're...

📰 Reading: Stealing Qatar’s Heart With Agege Bread. The Guardian Nigeria speaks with Omowumi Monehin, the founder of Wumi’s Bakery and Bistro, nestled in the heart of Doha, Qatar.

📺 Watching: Breath of Life on Prime Video. It is the story of an exceptionally gifted and affluent man, who becomes an old and lonely curmudgeon after a heartbreaking tragedy strikes his life. Recommended by Ayoola (Member since Sep 2022)

🎧 Listening to: ROOTS, an album by The Cavemen. "The sound of the album carries on the tradition of their musical ancestors, exploring the beauty that can be found in this pillar of Nigerian and African culture. This is an exploration of highlife in its full sense, with each track containing something new for listeners to take away." - Motolani Alake

🎟️ Booking: Tommy WÁ Intimate London Show at MAP Studio Cafe. Tommy WÁ is establishing his blend of contemporary African Indie music whilst redefining preconceived notions of what African music sounds like.

👀 Eyeing: Flavours of Africa Cookbook by EATO. A collection of authentic African recipes, featuring some exclusive dishes you won't find anywhere else. Pre-order your copy today and save 33%.

Image Courtesy of EATO

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C) Kenkey
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