We're back with the last newsletter of the year - Vol. 22 of The Spread. We published our reflections and recap for 2022, in case you missed it, check it here

Chance the Rapper's Free Concert in Ghana

Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and the rest of their crew are sharing the best of West African culture with the world! The Black Star Line Festival (Jan 6, 2023) is a weeklong extravaganza in Ghana's Black Star Square, and features performances by some of the biggest names in music - Erykah Badu, T-Pain, Jeremih and more. This is a celebration of the political freedom won by Ghanaians in 1957, and an opportunity to showcase the vibrant culture of West Africa. So if you're looking for a party to remember, the Black Star Line Festival is the place to be! Read on Africanews

Image Courtesy of Black Enterprise
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Ghana: The New Home of 'Detty December'

It's the time of year when your social media friends mysteriously disappear - and you know where they've gone. Ghana. Since 2019, President Nana Akufo-Addo's "Year of Return" campaign has been encouraging people of African descent to reconnect with their ancestral home. So, if you're wondering why your friends have all gone to Ghana, that's why. Don't worry, they'll be back eventually! Read on Ebony

Image Courtesy of DLT Brunch

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