We're back with Vol. 21 of The Spread. This week, we bring you the best stories and global news on all things African culture. From music and fashion to contemporary trends and upcoming events, we've got you covered. As the festive season continues, join us on a journey through the rich and vibrant world of African culture. Get ready to be inspired, educated, and entertained this holiday season.

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Here are this week's stories...

Tems x Tommy

This week's FRONTPAGE (which is featured in the new issue of Highsnobiety Magazine) is all about musical sensation Tems, a pop star who is blazing a trail for modern African soul. Check it here


Oxlade is one of Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch 2023

Oxlade's "Away" gained attention from Drake and Rolling Stone, with 13 million streams. With minimalism and repetition, he's mastered his craft. After studying history, he released "Shugar" which went viral. Oxlade's confidence is his strength, evident in his COLORS performance of "KU LO SA" which earned 40 million views. He calls Afrobeats a way of life and a movement, and is an African pop music leader. Check it here

Source: @oxlade_news on Twitter

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