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⏳ Trivia Time

Question: What is the title of the first Netflix original series from South Africa?

A) Queen Sono
B) Blood & Water
C) Shadow

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

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Sokari Douglas Camp art via October Gallery

A Fusion of Traditional African Storytelling and Contemporary Art

We celebrated National Storytelling Week by turning our attention to the rich storytelling of African traditions that span centuries and serve as a vibrant source of cultural expression. In this guide, we delve into the fascinating intersection of traditional African storytelling and contemporary visual arts, exploring how artists are seamlessly blending heritage with modernity to create compelling narratives rooted in the continent's diverse cultures.

Image Courtesy of Enish

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📰 Reading: Favorite African Folktales by Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was a fan of folktales, and this landmark work is a cause for celebration as it gathers together many of Africa's most cherished folktales.

📺 Watching: NFL's Super Bowl ad teaser, set in Ghana's capital.

🎧 Listening to: YKB on Spotify. If you’re a fan of music discovery, the chances are likely that you’ve probably come across YKB’s music on the Internet.

🎟️ Booking: JAM Games Night event. A members-only socials designed to bring people together in fun and curated spaces with games, music, food, drinks and more.

👀 Eyeing: UWA by Patricia Bright. For all self-care lovers, not afraid to be bold and tired of beige.

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A) Queen Sono
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